Too Sunny, Cold or Rainy Outside? Here Are 30 Fun Indoor Activities for Your Kids

Whether it’s a hot sunny day or an unexpected snowfall, the weather forecast can quickly sadden the kids for their outdoor plans. When it’s too hot, wet, or cold to go outside, you’ll be hearing echoes of “Mom… I’m bored!” before you know it. If you’re out of ideas after a few days cooped inside, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve come up with 30 ways to stay entertained indoors. Challenge your little ones to do something different this afternoon, and try out a craft, recipe, or game that wouldn’t have otherwise interested them. Prove to your kids that being stuck inside isn’t necessarily a bad thing — it can be an opportunity to learn something new!


1.Get crafty with finger puppets.

2. Cuddle up with a pile of books.

3. Play “Simon Says” or “Follow the Leader.”

4.  Make your own instruments; then, lead a marching band parade through the living room.

5. Let the kids raid your closet and put on a fashion show.

6. Pop some kernels and watch a movie.

7.  Write letters (on actual paper with actual pens and pencils) to out-of-town relatives or friends.

8. Anything that involves bubble wrap.

9. Blow up some balloons, toss ’em in the air and don’t let them touch the ground.


10. Make a marshmallow catapult and see who can catch the most in their mouth.

11. Play dominoes or line them up and let them fall—kids will love seeing the chain reaction.

12. Make a watercolor masterpiece.

13. Become an origami master.

14. Make paper-bag puppets and put on a show.

15. Pull out the building blocks and Legos and create a mini city.

16. Have a tie-dye party.

17. Embrace your inner Einstein with cool science experiments.

18. Tackle a challenging puzzle as a family.

19. Play-Doh

20. Explore your city—in a book!


21. Grab some sheets and make a good old-fashioned fort. Perfect for playtime—and naptime!

22. Go bowling at home.

23. Pillow fight—’nuff said.

24. Learn a few magic tricks to wow some friends.

25. Then find your voices with a karaoke concert.

26. Get everyone together for a family scavenger hunt.

27. Cook dinner together.

28. Have an indoor “camp out” with sleeping bags, a tent, board games and s’mores.

29. Get all dressed up and host your own fancy tea party (be sure to invite the dolls and stuffed animals).

30. Bake without losing your sanity.


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