Try Not to Grin or Laugh with Your Kids While Watching These 8 Funny Animal Videos

Everyone knows that kids love animals. A quick safari through your child’s bedroom will remind you just how densely imaginary critters populate the storybooks, movies, music, toys, decor, and clothes of childhood.

If your kids love animals and enjoy watching nature documentaries–especially when they feature animals, make a list of favorites, and gathering suggested titles of nature documentaries from your friends or the internet. Although some titles have all been recommended for kids, remember that with nature documentaries, it’s real life: children (or their parents) may be disturbed by some images of predators hunting, catching, and eating their prey, the occasional mating scene, or birth scene. It’s best for parents to view with their children (or preview beforehand) so we can either fast forward through the scary scenes or be available to answer their questions.

But what if funny animal videos? Everybody love it, and it can be a good thing parent can watch with their kids and laugh together. Here are our 8 recommendations of funny animal videos that you can’t watch without any grin and laugh. Have some good times with your kids!

1. The funniest and most humorous cat videos ever!

2. Funny Dogs Protecting Babies Compilation 2015

3. Over 13 Minutes Of Hilarious And Cute Animal Moments

4. Funny Animals Dogs And Cats Videos Compilation | Supper Simple Songs For Children

5. Funny Videos For Kids – Funny & Cute Baby Animals Compilation

6. Owl – A Funny Owls And Cute Owls Compilation || NEW

7. The funniest and most hilarious ANIMAL videos #1 – Funny animal compilation – Watch & laugh!

8. Animals & pets: Try not to grin or laugh challenge


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